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Your Emotional

The therapists at Elm Street Clinic are here to help you!

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Elm Street Clinic

Elm Street Clinic enjoys an outstanding reputation in the community, thus attracting the highest quality professionals in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, and social work. Our experienced and versatile staff provides intensive mental health care treatment designed to meet the individual needs of every patient. Our purpose is to offer exceptional care at a reasonable cost and, ultimately, to help people in our community enhance the quality of their lives.


There are times when we encounter problems that are too complex to solve alone. Our friends and family are often not able to help us and we need a trained professional to lend an objective perspective.



Family harmony can often suffer from chronic disagreements with children, conflicts between siblings, poor communication, or developmental challenges. Any of these problems can create confusion and a difficult home environment.

Telehealth is a virtual visit that lets you see and talk to a therapist from a mobile device or computer.

An article from The Kit

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